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Guide to Dedicated Contract Carriage

Whether you currently operate a private truck fleet, utilize common carriers, or are evaluating the options available in ground transportation, this booklet will be a…

Dynamic Freight Pricing

Convoy’s digital freight network offers dynamic pricing that’s resilient to market volatility. Source: logistics Mgmt

15 Ways to Save on Freight

How a digital freight network opens new opportunities to save time and money in your supply chain. Source: logistics Mgmt

A New Approach to Primary Motor Freight

Examine the true cost of annual transportation procurement and freight contracts, and how they fail to deliver on the promises of reliable service and lower,…

Is Your Current Provider on the Magic Quadrant?

When you orchestrate workflows across your entire ecosystem of partners, you can unite planning and execution to make decisions a reality. Meanwhile, analytics improve decision…

Get Realistic ETAs for Goods on the Move

Find out how to optimize in-transit moves, adapt to the unexpected, and deliver higher levels of customer service with this eBook. Source: logistics Mgmt

5 Fundamentals of Supply Chain Resilience

Evaluate how different models of freight companies perform when measured against the criteria for resilience Source: logistics Mgmt