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2021 Rate Outlook: Hikes are a certainty

While rate hikes are a certainty in 2021, Burnson adds that all parties need to keep their eyes peeled on the oil and fuel markets…

Freight Payment 2021: Data analysis for everyone

Freight payment providers are upbeat heading into recovery, offering a diverse menu of solutions designed to take cost out of freight transportation by helping shippers…

The Future of Motor Freight

Wanting to offset capacity shortages, rising freight rates and other roadblocks, more companies are turning to technology and collaborating with their partners across the entire…

Hatch Chile Co. secures truckload capacity…Quickly

Transportation Case Study. Specialty packaged food company leverages load matching app to meet 100% volume growth during the pandemic—and saves thousands in the process. Source:…

132 Years of Regulation and Counting

The current regulatory philosophy is to be “hands off” on market entry and pricing. Source: logistics Mgmt

Newsroom Notes: Logistics political football

There are more questions than answers, but it’s fourth and long, and the punt team is coming out onto the field….again. Source: logistics Mgmt