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2023 Rate Outlook: Will shippers catch a break?

Our annual gathering of freight transportation industry analysts reveals some common themes, largely around the notion that rates are not likely to increase much—if at…

Freight Payment Update: In with the new

With the “old guard” leaving the sector, new blood is moving into the freight payment industry. They are more data-driven, faster, and more international—and savvy…

2022 in Review: Who’s most responsive to change?

It has been a very volatile year, complicated by general political and economic instability around the globe. For logistics and supply chain professionals and carrier…

Truckload: Easing back to normal?

Carrier executives continue to yearn for supply/demand equation to even out as inventory slowly rebuilds. In the meantime, capacity for fleet growth remains limited due…

ESG: Are your partners ready?

In a recent presentation to the World Affairs Council, Kevin Cassidy of the UN’s International Labor Organization (ILO) stated that if manufacturers, distributors and service…

21st century regulations

“In a recession, the pressure will be on to cut costs for shippers and to maintain margins for providers.” Source: logistics Mgmt

Six future motor freight trends

Logistics experts reveal the top motor freight trends that shippers and carriers should be watching over the next few years. Source: logistics Mgmt

Quest for Quality 2022: Truckload

Again this year, winners in this TL category posted some of the strongest overall weighted scores of our survey. Source: logistics Mgmt