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Nulogy White Paper: Why Your Supply Chain is Brittle

This white paper by Nulogy explores the inherent fragility in rigid, one-to-one supply chain relationships, and how multi-party collaboration and standardized data flow leads to…

How Does Your TMS Handle Uncertainty?

Download the eBook today to gain perspective on how a cloud-based TMS optimizes the new normal in 2021. Source: logistics Mgmt

5 Reasons to Switch to a Modern SAAS WMS

Download this white paper for the 5 reasons upgrading to a cloud WMS may be the right solution for you. Source: logistics Mgmt

Supply Chain Management in the Cloud

Download this whitepaper to understand the unique risks associated with Supply Chain Management with the cloud. Source: logistics Mgmt

Is It Time For a New Network Strategy?

A successful supply chain network design gives companies a competitive advantage, pinpoints ways to significantly reduce costs, improves service levels, reduces overall cycle times, streamlines…

Is blockchain the future for supply chains?

Amber Road’s white paper, Digital Data & Technology Standards: The Glue That Enables Blockchain for Supply Chain, explores the digitization that must take place for…